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Ways on How to Use Cricut for Quilting

Ways on How to Use Cricut for Quilting

We all have different ways to spend our vacant time well. Some just hold their phones, scrolling up and down, some go out with friends, some just sleep, and some has a good hobby like drawing, sewing, and quilting. For others, those kinds of hobbies are just a waste of time. But it is not. When you really have the fashion in the drawing, sewing, or quilting you can make it as a business at the same time you are having fun and enjoy doing it.

If your hobby is quilting or sewing two or more fabric, then you won’t have a hard time thinking of a unique, memorable, and beautiful gift for someone. It may be inexpensive but it has sentimental value because you put an effort in there.

We have this machine that can help you from quilting, it is the Cricut maker. It can do cutting, writing, and sewing for you.

So, do you want to know how to use Cricut for quilting?

Here are the ways on how to use it.

1. Cut a fabric

Cutting is like the first step when you want to do a specific shape in quilting. It requires you a lot of time to cut the shapes one-by-one. But, by the help of Cricut maker, you don’t have to worry anymore about cutting so many shapes you want. It can do different shapes like square, circle, hexagon, and it can also cut a letter shape for you.

Cricut maker is really a great help in cutting. The hard curves you are trying to cut perfectly can do by the Cricut maker, just like the curves in the letter shape.


2. Cut thick materials

Well, not all the time you will let the Cricut maker do the cutting job. You can just cut one template from the maker then use the rotary cutter to cut the fabric that you will use in quilting. The templates can be chipboard or balsa wood. These materials have enough thickness that can cut by the Cricut maker.

The cut templates can also be used in demo or tutorial about quilting. So, you don’t need to buy rulers or other straight edges to be used in your demo or tutorial class. It will save you money and time.


3. Add iron-on labels

You can also print phrase into your quilted fabric just like the words “Love”, “My Lovely Mom”, “You’re the Best”, or you can print your name or the name of someone to whom you will give the quilted fabric and serve as your give to him/her.

You can print the labels by ironing it, there is a Cricut device that can do the ironing for you.

Aside from labels or phrases. You can also add iron-on vinyl at the top of your quilt.

This iron-on designs will give beauty to your quilt, and it can also serve as a short message.


4. Draw or write as a guide for embroidery

There is a washable fabric pen that you can put in the Cricut maker. When you have programmed words, the Cricut maker will write it on the fabric for you. Then after it has been written, it’s time for you to do the embroidery thing.

You can also put embroidery design not only iron-on designs.

After the embroidery and the quilting, you can wash off the pen guide by a washing the quilted fabric.


5. Draw stitching lines

After making a quilted one and looks like you want to put a simple design. Why not try to draw a stitching line by using washable fabric pen in the Cricut maker. The stitch lines can be 1 inch apart so that it will look good. Then stitch it by the Cricut sewer machine, make sure that the color of the string you will use will much to the color of the fabric.


There you go. You already know the ways on how to use the Cricut for quilting and at the same time, you also have some ideas and designs for your gift.

You can do more by the use of Cricut maker when you have a wide imagination about beautiful designs you can make and a lot of time to explore the Cricut maker.