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How to Make DIY Birthday Cards With Cricut Machine

How to Make DIY Birthday Cards With Cricut Machine

We have different ways on how to greet our loved ones on their special day. You can greet them through text, chat, or video call. But, do you think they can still keep that memory when you only sent it by technology? Is someone still use cards for greetings?

To some people who want to be remembered by someone who they have greeted. They prefer to give them cards.

Cricut machine can make a way for you to think and create a do-it-yourself product that you can give to your loved ones.

Aside from creating items made of fabrics, let us also try to create something out of papers.

Cricut has different machines that we can use in doing something special for our loved ones just like a birthday card. The machine has different ways to create designs for our birthday card.

I will give you some ideas of what will you do in your Birthday Card Presentation.

1. Make an effort to the cover

If you want to surprise someone, start it with the cover. If you put an effort in doing the cover, he or she will be excited in reading your message inside.

Cricut will help you do the card-cover. You can also pick designs from the program.

To create an amazing card-cover design with Cricut machine, watch this video “How to create a Birthday card with the Cricut Explorer air” for the step by step process.

You can see in the picture is a sample finished product.

2. Elegant birthday card

This birthday card has a soft texture in the greeting word Happy Birthday. You can give this to your Mom or Dad.

All you need to do is to prepare the design in the software and the Cricut machine will print out the design. And the proceeding steps will be done by you.

Here is the video on How to Create That Kind Of Birthday Card.

Here the sample image of the card.

3. Pop-up Birthday card

If you want something new, try to make a pop-up birthday card.

Of course, the same thing. Do it in the design, letters, and shapes in the software. Then it will give you a cut birthday greeting. What you need to do is to fold it many times to make it pop-up.

For further and clear instruction. Watch this video “Cricut Explore Happy Birthday Pop-up Card” and make a cool birthday card.

Aside from video, here a picture also.

4. Birthday Card with Balloon

You can also put an object or shape in your design just like a balloon.

The same process, use the Cricut software to design and print out then do the finalization.

Check out this video for more details. “Cricut pen tool Birthday Balloon


Sample image of the finished product.


There you go. You already have four ideas for your Happy birthday card. You can give it to your Mom, Dad, Grandparents, sister, brother, or to your best friend.

Aside, from birthday cards you can also create thank you cards or sorry cards with the help of Cricut machine.

Cricut machine is a big help for your surprise plans. You don’t need to suffer from cutting and designing because Cricut machine will do it for you.

There are so many ideas you can find when you will do deep searching, but for me, it is better if you will think it on your own so that it will be unique.

Well, cards are just one way to show your love and gratitude towards a person.