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7 Cricut Projects for Your New Baby’s Room

7 Cricut Projects for Your New Baby’s Room

Are you looking for Cricut project ideas that you can make for your new baby’s room? If yes, then you are in luck. In today’s post, we have compiled some Cricut projects for baby’s room. In fact, all the seven projects that we included in this are easy and simple to make. Plus the materials needed aren’t hard to find.

7 Cricut Projects for Baby’s Room

1. DIY Nursery Pillow

Do you want to customize your new baby’s room? If so, why not make a DIY pillow using a Cricut. As a matter of fact, this project is very easy to make especially if you have the needed tools and machine. Either way, it will also look good on the glider particularly when you transfer your baby to his or her crib.


2. Baby Sleeping Sign


Another adorable Cricut project that you can make and place inside or outside your new baby’s room. Without a doubt, a sleeping child is a great thing and nothing is not as good as that seeing your baby being roused from noisy visitors or guests.


3. Oh Baby Banners

Celebrate your treasurable moment using sweet banners to hang over your nursery walls, doorways, and fireplaces. On the other hand, this Oh Baby banner is perfect for baby showers and more importantly, welcoming the newest member of your family. You can also incorporate a ribbon to the banner to make it a great souvenir for your baby.

Either way, though this craft was designed and made by Cricut Explore you can still do this even if you don’t have a machine as there are lots of tutorials online that you can use as your guide and inspiration.


4. Baby Blanket

With just utilizing freezer paper, you can easily make this delightful blanker using your Cricut. Actually, this is ideal for your upcoming baby showers and place it on your baby’s room afterward.


5. Dresser Sticker

Are you aware that you can make a dresser sticker with your Cricut? If yes, then that’s good to hear.

This Cricut project comes in handy most especially if you are storing lots of stuff inside your baby’s dresser. You can use this to label every drawer so that you will be able to find the things that you are looking for with ease.

Doing this is relatively easy. All you have to do is, create your images, make sure they sport the same color and so that you Cricut machine will recognize that you are cutting them on similar color vinyl. After which, put them all on a single cutting mat to cutting mat to cut them simultaneously. In fact, this will save a lot of time than cutting them individually.


6. Do-It-Yourself BABY Blocks Decoration

In this Cricut project for your new baby’s room, you will need a tape runner, white and pink cardstock that is cut into BABY blocks letters and image, as well as wood cube containers.

After preparing all the needed materials, adhere the images, frames, as well as the letters to the sides of the wood cube containers using a tape runner. That’s it. There is no doubt this project is very easy to make. Thus, you can make several decorations and centerpieces around your baby’s room.


7. Oh Baby Wall Decorations

Using the Cricut Explore, you can actually make bigger scale projects. In order to make a project like this one, you can make use of the 12 by 24 cutting mat. In fact, this Oh Baby wall decoration is a nice main point for your upcoming baby shower as well as to your baby’s room.

On the other hand, you can also add 3D flower designs and some colors in order to make it livelier and more beautiful. In addition to that, you can access this Cricut project in Cricut Design Space. Don’t forget to grab a wood pallet where you can install your Oh Baby wall decoration.


All the above-mentioned Cricut projects are awesome ideas and they are very easy to make too. Hopefully, you guys get inspired by our list that you will be eager to give your baby’s room a breathtaking view and ambiance.