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10 Amazing Christmas Ornaments You Can Make Yourself with A Cricut

Christmas time is just around the corner. Why not add extra sparkle to your Christmas tree with these 10 amazing Christmas ornaments you can make yourself with a Cricut. Actually, they are very easy to make, plus you don’t have to prepare tons of materials in order to make these Christmas ornaments.

So, if you’re excited to decorate your tree and make it the most beautiful, then let’s get started.

10 Christmas Ornaments That You Can Make Using A Cricut

1. Christmas Stockings

This Christmas ornament has several steps. But, if you know what you are doing, you will definitely find this project simple and easy.

Nevertheless, Christmas stockings are very trendy during the Christmas seasons. Thus, having this ornament place in your tree and even doors is a great idea.

Even though it looks simple, you will surely love how it will change the overall look of your Christmas tree.

Here’s how to make Christmas Stockings.


2. Wood Sign Christmas Ornament

Making a customize Christmas decoration is one of best things that you can do to make your Christmas tree unique.

This customized wood sign Christmas ornament is one of a kind. Apart from that, it is also easy to make and budget-friendly. Either way, ornaments like this one will surely take your tree to a higher level.

Here’s how to make a Mini Pallet Sign Ornament


3. Christmas Snowflake Ornaments

It is very impossible to keep the snowflakes which tumble from the heavens. But if you have a Cricut and have an artistic mind nothing is impossible.

Nevertheless, this amazing Christmas ornament is very easy and quick to make. In fact, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to come up with snowflakes that look real.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your own snowflakes ornaments and let it snow indoors.

Here’s how to make Christmas Snowflakes Ornaments


4. Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Add a meaningful component to your Christmas tree, by putting some personalized Christmas ornaments like this one.

However, when it comes to personalization there are lots of ideas where you can choose from. You can put the picture or the name of every member of the family on the ornament. Not only that you can also, place your favorite Christmas quotes as well as messages.

Here’s how to make a Personalized Christmas Ornament


5. Rae Dunn Inspired Christmas Ornament

This Rea Dunn Inspired Christmas ornament that you can make yourself using a Cricut will definitely give your Christmas tree the seamless amount of minimalism while being elegant and fun.

As a matter of this awesome ornament will perfectly match to your other Christmas tree decorations. Plus, every Rae Dunn fan will surely like it.

Here’s how to make a Rae Dunn Inspired Christmas Ornament


6. Paper Cut Ornament

Similar to other ornaments in this list, this paper ornament is also easy to make and in fact, even kids can make it.

This ornament is quite unique because most of them are made of glasses and plastic materials.

Either way, if you don’t have enough to budget to buy brand-new Christmas decors, why not decorate it with paper cut ornaments. Don’t worry this craft only require a few materials.

Here’s how to make a paper cut Christmas ornament


7. Jar Lid Christmas Ornaments

An adorable Christmas ornament idea that is very easy to make. With this project, you will only need to prepare some basic materials.

On the other hand, both adults and children can work on this Christmas project. What’s more, this ornament will surely brighten up your Christmas tree.

What are you waiting for? Prepare the needed materials and make your own Christmas that is made using jar lids.

Here’s how to make a Jar Lid Christmas Ornament


8. Wooden Ornaments

Make your Christmas look awesome and unique this coming Christmas by adding some wooden ornaments on it.

As a matter of fact, ornaments that are made from wood can bring a natural can bring a natural elegance to every Christmas tree.

Either way, if you are planning to give this idea a try, don’t forget to write the date when you created it for a valued token decoration for the upcoming years.

Here’s how to make a wooden ornament


9. Unicorn Ornaments

You can bring some glitter and rainbows to your Christmas season by creating this unicorn ornament for your Christmas tree.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a fun and simple Christmas ornament idea this one is for you. As a matter of fact, this easy to make unicorn ornament can be a perfect Christmas present for your loved ones or friends who are a big fan of unicorns.

Here’s how to make a unicorn ornament


10. Sesame Street Christmas Ornaments

If your children love Sesame Street, then making these Sesame Street inspired ornaments is a good idea. In fact, these ornaments are very easy to make and your kids will surely.

Nevertheless, if you want to feature Cookie Monster and Elmo on your tree, then this craft is worth trying.

Here’s how to make a Sesame Street Inspired Christmas Ornament.



Make your Christmas tree shine with these 10 amazing Christmas ornaments that you can make yourself with a Cricut.

How to Make your Own Amazing Christmas Cards with Cricut

Christmas is a celebration of love, giving, and happiness. People around the world have their own unique ways to celebrate it. Some visit places they have never been before, some volunteers for a charitable cause, or some simply stays at the comfort of their home and gather with their friends and family. But one thing that is very common is spreading the Christmas spirit through Christmas cards.

We are living in digitalized world where almost everything is possible with the help of technology – in just one click you will be able to send your Christmas greetings to someone. But nothing beats one of the oldest traditional way of doing that – Christmas cards. Christmas cards are very old yet very meaningful method to convey greetings and express wishes. Aside from the fact that it is very personal it also makes the person you’re giving it to feel extra special.

Make a personally made Christmas card with a help of a cricut machine that they will surely treasure for a long time.


A cricut is a machine that helps in making Christmas cards conveniently. It looks like a printer but do the job differently. Cricut uses a blade and rollers to cut out the designs you’d like to have on your card compared to a printer that prints your design on a paper.

Basically, you will be needing a design and the machine will do the job for you. You can make your own design but for your convenience, you can simply use the internet to look for premade patterns. There are also software that you can download on your computer to customize these designs for a more personal touch.


Check out some of the finest Christmas cards made using cricut machine:

This one tells a lot about the color of Christmas – red and gold.

Who says black and white is boring? You can also use plain colors to make it look more minimalist.

If you’re not sure which colors to use, just play with it just like this colorful one.

Show off their picture just like this one. You can also insert candid pictures to make it more fun.

The machine was masterfully engineered on how precise it cuts the materials. Therefore, if you are not sure on how to cut the patterns you get online, let this machine do the work for you. Aside from Christmas cards, this machine can also be used for the following project ideas:

  • Paper pennants for a party
  • A leather cuff bracelet
  • Iron-on vinyl for t-shirts
  • Paper gift boxes and tags
  • Stencils for wood signs
  • Vinyl quotes for coffee mugs
  • Felt coasters
  • Customized tote bags
  • Monogrammed water bottles
  • Paper flowers for bouquets
  • Vinyl labels for your pantry
  • Coloring pages
  • Decals for model airplanes


Tips and Tricks:

  • Choose a format

There are a variety of formats you can use. Think of a motif, will it be fully decorated by different art materials or will you be putting a lot of photos on the card itself? Just use your imagination to picture the card you want to make.

  • Collect your materials

Now that you already have an idea of how your card will be like, it’s time to collect the materials you will be needing. It doesn’t have to be very expensive. You can check if there are any old materials that you can reuse.

  • Use your creativity

Though you already have the ideal Christmas card, you might change some of the details later on while doing it so just be open and let your creativity be shown on the card itself.

  • Allow cards to set

You might’ve used adhesives to glue some stuff so make sure to let your cards set overnight just to make sure everything is in its right places before giving or sending them to the post office.

  • Write your greetings and wishes

If you want to it to be more personal I would highly recommend for you to hand write it. However, if you don’t have the neatest penmanship you can also print out your message though no matter how hideous your handwriting may be, it’s the thought that counts, right?



Christmas cards continue to stick around despite of all the technological advances. It’s one of the simplest gifts you can give on Christmas yet the sensation it generates to someone is incomparable.

Receiving a Christmas card makes you realize how much that person cares about you. With the time and effort they have exerted just to make that card is already priceless.  Nevertheless, the most memorable gifts are those from the heart so make sure that you’re putting your heart into that card. Merry Christmas!

10 Creative Cricut Project Ideas

Crafting is never easy, but if you really love what you do, then you will only see the fun side of everything you make. Especially the overwhelming feeling of excitement when an idea hits you and you just can’t wait to start it.

Cricut machines are heaven sent for most crafting enthusiast. Not only does it make crafting easier and faster, but it also brings out their creative side due to the infinite ideas you can create with a Cricut Machine.

What is a Cricut machine and how do you use it?

Cricut Machines are home die-cutting machines made by Provo Craft & Novelty Inc., for crafting and scrapbooking projects. These DIY machines look like a typical printer. Not only does it print on materials, it also has a set of sharp blades and precise rollers in order to cut designs.

Depending on what type of tool or accessory you add to your Cricut machine, you can emboss, score, cut, print, and more to create amazing DIY crafts. You only need to create a design on their free web app called “Cricut Design Space” and send it to your Cricut Machine for cutting or printing.

10 Creative Cricut Project Ideas

Cricut machines can do anything from papercrafts and printables to creating models, sewing projects, and even quilting or leatherworks. It literally creates any crafts you can think of. So, if you are lacking ideas or just want to create something different with your Cricut machine, here are 10 creative Cricut project ideas you can try!


1. Leather Cut Out Wallets

Ladies, forget about rummaging through the department store for your next fashionista wallet and going home pretty disappointed since all the wallets displayed do not suit your fashion style. If you have Cricut Machine, create one for yourself now. This could give you the freedom to design your own wallet, add the necessary pockets to it and gives you uniqueness.

Watch this tutorial on how to create your own leather wallet:

2. Chalkboard Calendar

Make your calendars more fun and creative using your Cricut Machine. Instead of using your traditional “display and rip” calendar, why not create one that only needs to be erased every now and then? With a Cricut machine, you can create a chalkboard family calendar somewhere in the corner of the house where family members can write and see daily activities and plans.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to create chalkboard art with Cricut:

3. Phone Decals

Tired of the same old phone cases? Maybe you want something fresh and unique to go with your phone? Now, don’t throw your old phone cases. With just a few designing and sticking, you can make it look new and fresh. With a Cricut Machine, you can design your own phone cases, something that is not available on your local phone stores.

Here  is a video tutorial on how to customized phone cases:

4. Fridge Magnets

Decorate your refrigerators with family photos and motivational sayings. Use photos for ultimate personalization and print them on magnetic materials using your Cricut Machine.

Check this video for to learn how to create a fridge magnet using Cricut:

5. Engraving Dog Tags

Do you have an adorable puppy at home? Well, give that good boy a personalized dog tag, so that people will know he’s your buddy.

Watch this tutorial for engraving dog tags:

6. Personalized Doormats

Welcome visitors with a unique personalized mat on your doorstep. Also, this personalized mat will make a perfect gift for newly married couples.

Check out this video on how to create personalized doormats with Cricut Explore:

7. Printed Plate

Customized your plates with a Cricut Machine that you either choose to eat on it or just add to your home decors.

Here is a video on how to customize plate with Cricut Explore Air:

8. Photo Candles

Impress your partner by adding a new twist to your candlelight dinner. You can add pictures or even romantic words to the candles itself using a Cricut Machine.

Here is a sample video:

9. Reversible Headbands

Tired of your hair getting on your face? Create fun reversible headbands for a chic-looking you with a Cricut Machine.

Watch this video tutorial on how to make reversible headbands:

10. Play foods

Create play foods made of felt for your precious little ones so they can invite their friends to a little dinner role-playing.

Here’s how you can create play foods with Cricut:


5 DIY projects you can do with Cricut machines

If you visit Pinterest, you see that many artists and designers have shared their creative craft works that have done with Cricut machines. You can make similar stuff at your home too! Here are some DIY projects you can try.

Paper crafts

 Paper crafts are very popular for making cards or decoration pieces. You can make lots of paper crafts using Cricut machine. You can choose from various types of papers, textures, colors, etc.

Sewing projects

You can make create designs on stuffed animals, clutches, etc. using the Cricut machine. It will give a new life to these things.

Vinyl artwork

You can do framed artwork, wall graphics, designer coffee mugs, etc. using Cricut machines. Just select a design, put the vinyl in Cricut machine, and you will produce beautiful designs. Cricut vinyl is made for Cricut machines and they can deliver excellent results.


The Cricut knife blade lets you cut hard materials like wood, chipboard, etc. So, you can create various models like skeletons, wall art, architectural models, etc.


You can use iron-on materials to make personalized T-shirts, bags, pillows, etc. You can choose from lots of colors, effects, and finishes.

You can visit Pinterest and look for ideas. Before starting your project, you must make sure that you know how to use the machine well. You should get all the tools necessary and use them the appropriate way. Craft works are great fun and you must make time to be creative and make something by yourself.