3 tips for using Cricut machine for the first time

So, you have finally entered the exciting world of crafts by buying a Cricut machine. Now, is the time to explore your creativity. It is very easy to use the machine; proper instructions are given in the user manual. Still, as you are a beginner, here are some tips that can help.

Removing stickiness of the mat

The cutting mat is the surface where you cut the materials. Initially, you may find it too sticky, and your designs may tear off or get distorted when trying to take it off the mat. One trick is to rub the mat with your hand or on a piece of cloth before using it. This way, the stickiness will go away. You also need to clean the mat properly after every use; otherwise, the mat will feel sticky when you try to cut your new design.

Practice cutting

Before you start your final work, test it on a small area. Cutting needs practice. So, you should practice cutting various materials. Before cutting make sure that your cutting knife is sharp.

Subscribe to design sites

You will find various design sites online. By getting subscription to these sites you can access hundreds of new design ideas. So, if you are regular at craft works, these designs will help you create new things.

You will now find various forums and social groups on craft works. You can join one of these groups and discuss with others on how to improve your work. You can learn new things from experienced designers.

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