7 Fun Cricut Projects for Kids

Do you want to keep your kids entertained and have fun during their leisure time or free time? If yes, then you have just visited the right place. When it comes to arts and crafts, there are plenty of projects which can be pursued using a Cricut. Actually, this product will let your kids make their projects a lot easier and more professional.

Either way, if you’re looking for Cricut projects that your child can do then keep on reading. Below we compiled 7 fun Cricut projects for kids that are very easy to make and will boost your child’s creativity.

So without further ado let’s get started.

Fun Cricut Projects for Kids

1. Do-It-Yourself Fox Notepad

This DIY fox notepad is very easy and quick to make using the cut file making it ideal for kids. In this Cricut project, you will need to prepare three various colors of cardstock such as black, white, and orange. In addition to that, you will need a notepad that is 3” by 5”.

One good thing about this notepad is that it will close without using a Velcro Dot. With this project, your child will definitely have a lot of fun. And hopefully, you will allow your child to do this fox notepad.



This bookmark can be made using colored pencils, glue, white cardstock, as well as Cricut pens. In the actual fact, this is a nice Cricut project for children simply because the Cricut machine will cut the photos and your child will do the rest.

If you want to make this, you can open it in Design Space. Then load paper on the LightGrip Adhesive cutting map and allow the machine to do its work. However, make sure to add the Cricut pen into the machine. After which, let your child glue the cardstock’s layers and color the photos.


3. Stitched String Art

This Cricut project is suitable for adults and kids. Rest assured you will love final product of this project. You can use the Cricut to print various photos and get some embroidery threads as this project is fun for anyone.   


4. Printable Jellyfish Child Craft

A simple, yet adorable Cricut project that your kids will surely love. This project, on the other hand, is great for children ages 3 to 10. When it comes to cutting the pieces of this project you’ll need a Cricut Explore Air.


5. Butterfly Card

This card that looks very amazing is very easy to make and assemble. Let your child choose the color wings that he or she wants. One of the best things about this Cricut project is that the wings will flutter as soon as you open it. Either way, there are myriads of tutorials online that your child can use when making a butterfly card.


6. Pencil Posies

Teachers love receiving a bunch of flowers that will not wither but can be honed. Either way, if you would like to thank the teacher of your child, why not ask your child to do this Cricut project and give it to his/her teacher to show your appreciation. After all, this project is quite easy to make.

Nevertheless, the materials needed in this Cricut project are 6-inch double-sided cardstock, finish paint, Mason jar, pencils, Cricut explore, and bakers twine. To begin with, paint the Mason jar. And while waiting for it to dry start working on the flowers. You can cut them using the Cricut. To offer the flowers some texture and dimension crumple them as soon as the flowers are cut. After that, insert the petals through the pencil’s eraser. Lastly, put the flowers on the jar and tie them using the baker’s twine.


7. Mini Journals

This do-it-yourself mini journal is very easy to make and looks cute. Further, this is ideal for kids who love writing. Apart from that, they can also use this as their art journal. This mini journal, on the other hand, would make a nice handmade present as well. Nevertheless, you can make this project using a Cricut mini machine.


When it comes to fun Cricut projects for kids, indeed, there are myriads of options to choose from. So the question is which of these projects will you do?

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