5 of the Best Home Vinyl Cutters

Looking to acquire a new vinyl cutter? Well,  honestly it is hard to pick the best vinyl cutter to use at home especially if you don’t know much about this kind of machines. A vinyl cutter is a machine that is mostly used in trimming different shapes and letters on a vinyl or any kind materials.

A home vinyl cutter is not actually a big machine but it actually looks like a computer printer in where you can also connect to your computer by a cable. This machine can be controlled by the computer to make sure that the blades of the machine move properly and cuts the perfect shapes and letters that you wanted.

Below will be a list of different kinds of vinyl cutting machine to help you avoid picking a bad equipment to keep yourself from being frustrated and cause failures with your project.


1. Cricut Explore Air

This vinyl cutter has a great potential to satisfy all your needs, it is designed to cut from the basic Do-It-Yourself (DIY) crafts to your most complicated projects. The most fascinating thing about its feature is the machine’s capability to work wirelessly by connecting it with your device via Bluetooth. Meaning that you can also send images from your devices like phone, mac, tablets or PC for the machine to cut a material.

Since this is intended for home use only this Cricut Explorer Air can improve your creative potential into another level. You can make all kinds of invitations, decorations, and favors so much easier and you can also add your personal touch.

The Cricut Image Libray has more than 50,000 of images, fonts, and projects present so creating incredible designs would be endless.


  • Does a dual carriage in one step for cutting and scoring or writing and cutting.
  • Connects via Bluetooth
  • You can upload your own images in these formats (.svg, .gif, .dxf, .jpg, .png, and .bmp)
  • Cuts through materials from paper to leather
  • Has an Electronic Smart Set Dial
  • Has a free online software for Cricut Design space and an iPad app
  • An integrated storage compartment

2. Cricut Maker


By using this machine you can enjoy a new level of achievement, work easily with a lot of different types of materials, and you can almost do any kinds of DIY projects without any hardship and this is because of the newly improved design of the machine’s expandable suite of tools and its new rotary blade.

The Cricut Maker can smartly adapt to any kind of materials from the softest fabric to tougher ones like matboard, leather, and balsa wood. Also, this machine offers an excellent toolset where you can easily cut, score, and write in different kind of materials with control and precision. The features of this machine don’t stop there because it also offers the possibility to constantly expand by bringing more tools any time.

This machine can easily be used by novices and its perfect job of cutting materials will surely catch a lot of attention from DIY enthusiasts and crafters. Seeing how this machine executes its flawless cutting job and its multiple features to make the process much easier, the cost will be rather low and because of this, it is highly recommended.


  • Adaptive Tool System
  • Design Space Softwares
  • Cuts from soft to tough materials
  • Docking Slot
  • Improvised Rotary Blade
  • Digital Sewing Pattern Library

3. Cricut Explore Air 2

The newest model of the Cricut Explore with its new features will catch the attention of people that are into scrapbooking. The new model is set to cut much faster than the older models.

Cricut surely implemented the quote “Time is Gold” on the new Explore Air 2, they have installed a fast mode in the cutter to improve its speed performance for the benefit of the use. Aside from speed, the machine can also cut through materials like vinyl, cardstock, iron-on and to thicker materials like the leather.

If you are the kind of person who values details in their crafts then this machine suits you the best since this machine can cut the finest details on the material of your choice. Another feature of this new model is the Smart set dial, it always finds the best setting that suits your project.

The machine also supports Bluetooth devices making it easier to send and upload customized images to the cutter. You can create your own design on your phone, computer, iPad, or iPhone and then with just one click, the vinyl cutter will receive the file and immediately do its job.


  • Dual Tool Holder
  • Integrated Storage Compartments
  • Fast Mode
  • Smart Set Dial
  • Cut 100+ of Materials
  • Smart Cut Technology
  • Embedded Bluetooth
  • Upload images in Different Formats

4. Silhouette CAMEO 3

The Cameo 3 is the new installment of vinyl cutter after the Cameo 2, the new machine still has all the great features of the old model but with new additions to make the upgrade worth it. Since technology keeps advancing at a fast pace, a lot of industries, including vinyl cutting industry are struggling to meet the neverending demand for improvement.

Like other vinyl cutters, this machine also has a Bluetooth receiver that allows users to send their crafts wirelessly without worrying about plugging the cables into their right places and the machine doesn’t always need to be connected to the computer.

This vinyl cutter can also cut through various materials like vinyl, paper, iron-on, matboard, leather, denim, and much more. Finding the best design for your craft is not easy but with the help of the Silhouette Studio, which is a free software by the Silhouette, it will lend you a hand by suggesting their ready-made designs from their store and will give you the option to customize it on your own.


  • Bluetooth Receiver
  • Cuts Multiple Materials
  • USB Port that directly Reads and Cut files

5. Silhouette Portrait

This vinyl cutter is much smaller compared to the Silhouette Cameo but it still offers a decent performance and great flexibility. Apart from its size, it can still cut through a wide selection of materials in quality same as other vinyl cutters.

The machine is highly portable since it only weighs in 3.5 pounds and measures up to just 16.25 inches. Despite the machine’s small size, the excellence of its performance can still keep up with other vinyl cutters that are bigger than its own size. The cutting process of the Portrait is simple and easy as you’ll just need to connect the machine on your computer with the provided USB cable and then you can start with your work.

For those who are looking for a balanced investment, the Silhouette Portrait will be the best choice for you, it is simple, lightweight, flexible, and it offers a wonderful quality of its performance for your crafting needs.


  • Cuts 100+ Materials
  • Maximum Cutting Thickness: 0.8mm
  • Maximum Cutting Width: 8 inches
  • Includes 8” Cutting Mat



Both brands of the vinyl cutters offer the same quality of performance. In buying the best vinyl product of your own personal use, do not just look at the speed, price, and the force of it. Because even if you buy the most expensive and fastest vinyl cutting machine, if the quality of the cut does not meet your standard then it is just a waste of money.

The best strategy when purchasing this kind of machine, you should consider thinking about how complicated your designs will be, how thick or thin, and choose a company’s product that will offer you the best customer support service to help you with your problems if needed.


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