10 Amazing Christmas Ornaments You Can Make Yourself with A Cricut

Christmas time is just around the corner. Why not add extra sparkle to your Christmas tree with these 10 amazing Christmas ornaments you can make yourself with a Cricut. Actually, they are very easy to make, plus you don’t have to prepare tons of materials in order to make these Christmas ornaments.

So, if you’re excited to decorate your tree and make it the most beautiful, then let’s get started.

10 Christmas Ornaments That You Can Make Using A Cricut

1. Christmas Stockings

This Christmas ornament has several steps. But, if you know what you are doing, you will definitely find this project simple and easy.

Nevertheless, Christmas stockings are very trendy during the Christmas seasons. Thus, having this ornament place in your tree and even doors is a great idea.

Even though it looks simple, you will surely love how it will change the overall look of your Christmas tree.

Here’s how to make Christmas Stockings.


2. Wood Sign Christmas Ornament

Making a customize Christmas decoration is one of best things that you can do to make your Christmas tree unique.

This customized wood sign Christmas ornament is one of a kind. Apart from that, it is also easy to make and budget-friendly. Either way, ornaments like this one will surely take your tree to a higher level.

Here’s how to make a Mini Pallet Sign Ornament


3. Christmas Snowflake Ornaments

It is very impossible to keep the snowflakes which tumble from the heavens. But if you have a Cricut and have an artistic mind nothing is impossible.

Nevertheless, this amazing Christmas ornament is very easy and quick to make. In fact, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to come up with snowflakes that look real.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your own snowflakes ornaments and let it snow indoors.

Here’s how to make Christmas Snowflakes Ornaments


4. Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Add a meaningful component to your Christmas tree, by putting some personalized Christmas ornaments like this one.

However, when it comes to personalization there are lots of ideas where you can choose from. You can put the picture or the name of every member of the family on the ornament. Not only that you can also, place your favorite Christmas quotes as well as messages.

Here’s how to make a Personalized Christmas Ornament


5. Rae Dunn Inspired Christmas Ornament

This Rea Dunn Inspired Christmas ornament that you can make yourself using a Cricut will definitely give your Christmas tree the seamless amount of minimalism while being elegant and fun.

As a matter of this awesome ornament will perfectly match to your other Christmas tree decorations. Plus, every Rae Dunn fan will surely like it.

Here’s how to make a Rae Dunn Inspired Christmas Ornament


6. Paper Cut Ornament

Similar to other ornaments in this list, this paper ornament is also easy to make and in fact, even kids can make it.

This ornament is quite unique because most of them are made of glasses and plastic materials.

Either way, if you don’t have enough to budget to buy brand-new Christmas decors, why not decorate it with paper cut ornaments. Don’t worry this craft only require a few materials.

Here’s how to make a paper cut Christmas ornament


7. Jar Lid Christmas Ornaments

An adorable Christmas ornament idea that is very easy to make. With this project, you will only need to prepare some basic materials.

On the other hand, both adults and children can work on this Christmas project. What’s more, this ornament will surely brighten up your Christmas tree.

What are you waiting for? Prepare the needed materials and make your own Christmas that is made using jar lids.

Here’s how to make a Jar Lid Christmas Ornament


8. Wooden Ornaments

Make your Christmas look awesome and unique this coming Christmas by adding some wooden ornaments on it.

As a matter of fact, ornaments that are made from wood can bring a natural can bring a natural elegance to every Christmas tree.

Either way, if you are planning to give this idea a try, don’t forget to write the date when you created it for a valued token decoration for the upcoming years.

Here’s how to make a wooden ornament


9. Unicorn Ornaments

You can bring some glitter and rainbows to your Christmas season by creating this unicorn ornament for your Christmas tree.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a fun and simple Christmas ornament idea this one is for you. As a matter of fact, this easy to make unicorn ornament can be a perfect Christmas present for your loved ones or friends who are a big fan of unicorns.

Here’s how to make a unicorn ornament


10. Sesame Street Christmas Ornaments

If your children love Sesame Street, then making these Sesame Street inspired ornaments is a good idea. In fact, these ornaments are very easy to make and your kids will surely.

Nevertheless, if you want to feature Cookie Monster and Elmo on your tree, then this craft is worth trying.

Here’s how to make a Sesame Street Inspired Christmas Ornament.



Make your Christmas tree shine with these 10 amazing Christmas ornaments that you can make yourself with a Cricut.

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